Worry free calculation on final exam

This semester, more so than any other semester that I’ve ever been a part of, I was extremely nervous about a lot of things regarding my final marks and my final exam. Usually, I’m just fine in this regard, but as the pressure cracks down, and the fact that my grades are slightly lower than they have been in the past, I think mainly due to the increased difficulty of the subject matter that I am studying, I was getting pretty anxious, and I was continuously trying to Crunch the numbers to find out exactly what I needed on my final exam to get the mark that I wanted. Which stressed me out, was that because I was stressed, a vicious cycle this was indeed, is that my stress made my math worst. I was second-guessing certain parts of equations, and one time I would find that I needed to get 80% on my final exam, and the next time I would find that I needed to get 85%, and basically this just started to mess with my head. Finally, I found a great final exam calculator website, it is called the final grade percentage calculator, and it does amazing things for students like me who are truly nervous. Basically, it was super simple. I don’t think it could possibly be easier. I only had to enter three pieces of information. My current grade, the great it wanted, and the worth of my final exam. After this, finally, all I had to do was press calculate, and it told me exactly what I needed to get on my exam, which I could not be happier about. So, I’m going in with little Clarity of mind, and I really think the final grade percentage calculator website. All the sudden, and feeling much less nervous and a lot more groovy.