Outsourcing for Business Ventures

So, I think I finally found the right software development option for me. I’ve been looking to do some new work using programming that I don’t have the abilities to do. A friend of mine suggested IT outsourcing and I have begun to think that that is the best method for me to go down. I found this website, which is the site for a company that does exactly what I need, or so it seems. Itmagination Is their name, which is very creative, and they offer exactly the type of services that I need. First of all, I need customized software developed, and that is exactly what they do. It seems that they’re a team of software engineers. It’s like, I can just tell them exactly what I need, what’s going on in my brain, and they claim that they’ll be able to create exactly that, and then they have a series of checks and balances to be accountable to my original Vision. I think that’s amazing, and that’s exactly what I need. However other friends have suggested that if I’m going to use Outsourcing as my way of operating, that I should be contacting companies in India and China, and other places where the American dollar is considerably more valuable than the local currency. I see what they mean, but part of me really wants to keep my investment within the country. I do believe in emboldening the American economy by using local sources whenever I can however if profit is that much higher if I use an equally qualified vendor in India, for example, who charges much lower, then I may be doing myself a greater service. It becomes an argument ethics, and personal values, and it’s one that I’m looking for information on. If you had the same discussion with yourself or if you’re well informed for another reason, please feel free to share your Insight on this matter.