The exclusive features of Burnaby condos which make them special

The exclusive features of Burnaby condos which make them special

Burnaby condos for sale offer a fantastic selection of options with includes a great variety of price points and values in per square feet. Most of these beautiful condos offer breathtaking views of the town and also gives you some exceptional views of the surroundings. You can probably have dinner on the balcony with the shadows of the clouds appearing at the distance.

Moreover factors like location, infrastructure and the booming economy of this place make Burnaby a great place for working people and young family. Not to mention these condos in Burnaby gives you interesting and exciting options, design and features with the latest technology which you have always dreamt of in your life.

The basic facilities and amenities offered by Burnaby condos

General Information

This fabulous condo in Burnaby is built with concrete sleep and has an approximate area of 769 square feet. There is also one parking space in this condo.

Bedroom and kitchen

There is one bedroom, one living room and one dining room in this condo. The living room is pretty large with a dimension of 14×13.


The bathroom of this condo contains a piece of 4 baths which makes its very special.

The centralised location of Burnaby condos makes it unique

This condo in Burnaby comes with one bedroom and it is centralized to everything. This condo is very near to train station, library and food courts. The best part of buying this condo is that it is a great investment for return. There is also a locker in this condo and the space is enough. Your favourite hangout places which include restaurants, bars, groceries, parks and shopping malls are with one km of this condo. This condo is located in a clean and healthy environment which makes it the preferred choice of the buyers.


This condo is perhaps one of the best properties which you can buy in Burnaby. The price of this property is around $425000 and you can finance it in good rate of interest. You can make a minimum down payment of just 5% which comes to around $21000 and own this condo. You are also required to pay a gross tax of $1750 while buying this condo. The Burnaby condos for sale is a great option and you should not miss it as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.