Is Burnaby turning into industrial and commercial city?

Is Burnaby turning into industrial and commercial city?



  1. How does the city developed?

Even though Burnaby BC is a city where you can see a lot of valleys, mountains, hills, ridges, lakes and rivers, it is most certainly that it is a city where the industry took its peak. These features helped the city to develop into an industrial place with urban area.

  1. How the industry made the city famous and rich?

The city is a home of a lot of commercial and industrial companies. One of those companies is Metropolis at Metrotown. Even though the city is more likely to look like agricultural, and the number of park is pretty high, it still has developed industry.

With the rapid transit system that crosses from the west to the east, there are two major SkyTrain railways. The one is Expo Line that was finished in 1986 and is directed along Kingsway. The other one is Millennium Line that was completed in 2002 and is in the direction of Lougheed Highway.

The SkyTrain connects the city with New Westminster, Surrey and Vancouver, then the urban development in Lougheed Town Centre – on the east, and Brentwood Town Centre on the west, and Metrotown on the south.


  1. How the roads cross and connect the city with the nearest ones?

Whenever you are in the city, you will feel like you are in the center, and you are connected with the neighbor cities around you. You can access them easily with just knowing the right road, or the right avenue that leads to the required destination.

Among the cities that are crossing the city are Royal Oak Avenue, Kensington Avenue, Boundary Road, Willingdon Avenue, Cariboo Road, North Road, Gaglardi Way and Sperling Avenue.

The east routes connect the city to the neighbor cities with Barnet Highway, Kingsway, Lougheed Highway, Canada Way and Marine Drive Way.

With the Trans-Canada Highway and Canada Way the city is connected from the southeast to the northwest.

From the 1990s the city has a network of cycling trails. There is also a bus system, run by the Coast Mountain Bus Company.

With a population of 223, 000, and being the third largest city, it is near the Vancouver city and the people can easily participate at the Vancouver Tea Festival. Burnaby is one of the cities with many attractions to visit and many events to attend.