The best 360 video cameras at a glance and its increasing popularity

The 360 degree technology and the world of videos and images

The 360 degree technology in video has given a much raised platform to videos and images. Now you do not have to move here and there in order to shoot a video as nowadays you can simple stand at one place and the 360 video camera would do the needful. These videos are very important these days as people consider them very useful as they can express their ideas in a more effective manner. Now you can record all videos and cover all the angles in every direction which gives more room to you in making a video.


What all you need to know before buying a 360 degree camera?


Lenses:  Lens is the most important part of a camera. You should see that your best 360 video camera has 2 or more lenses. As far as the lenses are concerned you must check the diaphragm, quality and shutter time.

Image quality: The quality of image is the second most important feature to look for before buying a 360 video camera. You should see the assigned number of pixels to each frame. If higher numbers of pixels are assigned to images then it will give very good resolution.

Frame/second: If you want to get smooth videos you need to but a camera which can give higher number of frames/second along with high resolution. The good news is that most of the 360 video cameras produce around 30 frames /second which is good for getting fine quality of video.

Capacity: You camera should have higher storage so that you do not have any problem in saving videos. In some of the latest video cameras you can upgrade the capacity of the memory with the help of SD cards.

Size:  As far as the size of your video camera is concerned you should always go for light and small camera as they can easily be handled and fixed to the location of your choice.

Battery life: The battery life of a video camera should be good as it would help in producing longer videos.

The best 360 video cameras should have all the above features. If not all but at least five of the above features should be there in a good video camera.



Thus we see that the best 360 video camera is a must for producing good quality videos. In order to buy some of the best 360 video camera you should look for certain standard features.