Basecamp Double Burner Angle Iron Camping Stove Review

After devoting some time and attention to this Basecamp portable stove, I can say the only category it effectively loses any significant amount of points on would be “Style”. This is a no frills, no gimmicks camping stove that is perfect for somebody who prioritizes performance over aesthetics, as many of us outdoorsmen and campers tend to. Once you get past the minimalistic iron design and build, you will surely start to see the great value hidden in this camping stove.

There are a few distinct features that I feel are worth mentioning. First of all, the legs are adjustable, which is an uncommon and pleasant characteristic of the Basecamp stove that I really appreciate. This means that, even on uneven ground, you can adjust this top portable stove to be especially sturdy. As we all know, out in the wild, Mother Nature isn’t always perfectly accommodating as far as gifting flat, seamless terrain. After using the Basecamp camping stove, I wondered why more of its competitors hadn’t thought to include such a feature, which would be so effective in helping so many campers and outdoorsmen.

Each of the burners works independently from the other, and each can generate up to 15,000 BTUs of heat. The stove is quite portable, weighing in at 10.5 pounds, and its only 3.54 x 19.88 x 14.88 inches in size. It runs on low pressure propane instead of high pressure, which I actually prefer because of the ease of access to the range of temperatures that it provides– the heat range is top notch and despite the lack of wind barriers or protectors, the flame definitely holds up in adverse conditions.

The only knock to purchasing this stove is that it does not come with a house to hook up to its fuel source, so you will have to head to a hardware store and pick one up, or order the part separately online.

This is a simple, reliable stove that works well and delivers on its function. It is also incredibly affordable, usually priced around $50-60. I think that this camping stove provides a lot of value, and it is one of the more low maintenance and easy to use stoves on the market, once you find the right hose to hook up to the low pressure propane tanks. If this looks like your kind of stove, you can be confident in knowing that it has definitely done its due diligence and firmly earned the Survival Cooking stamp of approval.